Whitaker Wright
Whitaker Wright
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Whitaker Wright’s loyal wife

The one person who stuck by Whitaker Wright through all his troubles was his loyal American wife Anna.

As his financial empire crumbled around him, she was forced to move out of their Surrey ‘palace’, sell her jewellery and lose many of her treasured possessions. Yet she never complained about her lot or spoke ill of her errant husband.

Anna, whose soldier father had been killed in the American Civil War when she was a child, met Wright in Philadelphia when she was just sixteen. He was nearly twice her age and already wealthy.

She was evidently in awe of the high-flying businessman and enjoyed the gilded life that marriage to him brought her. Friends described her as ‘clever’ and ‘beautiful.’

She had no hesitation in following him to England when he fled the United States in the late 1880s in debt and in disgrace. She remained by his side as he amassed a second fortune in London— only to see him lose it again as his dubious business practices finally caught up with him.

She outlived her husband by more than quarter of a century, and was buried beside him in Witley churchyard.

Whitaker Wright

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