Whitaker Wright
Whitaker Wright
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The Wrights had never seen anything like it before and will never see it again

Derek Wright reflects on how his great-great-uncle came out of the blue and remained inscrutable even to his immediate family. Read about the one-off that was Whitaker Wright here

Dancing the night away — underwater!

Britain’s foremost authority on follies, architectural historian Gwyn Headley, was given access to Whitaker Wright’s famous underwater hideaway in Surrey while carrying out research for his National Trust Book of Follies in the 1980s. Read Gwyn’s vivid description of his sub-aqueous adventure here

How Whitaker Wright inspired my first novel

Author Salema Nazzal explains how the exploits of Whitaker Wright inspired her to write her first novel The Folly Under the Lake in 2015. Read the article here

Whitaker Wright's kid brother — a bright spark in Canada

One of Whitaker Wright’s younger brothers made a name for himself as a pioneer in the field of electricity. He has been described as a ‘genius’ and a ‘man of unique vision.’ Read about his life here

Whitaker Wright’s loyal wife

Anna Wright (née Weightman) married Whitaker Wright when she was a girl and stuck by him for the rest of his life. Read about Wright's loyal wife here

A Cartoonist's Dream

Whitaker Wright was frequently the target of newspaper cartoonists. More satirical sketches of him exist than actual photographs. Read more here

Whitaker Wright

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